The effects that one experiences when it comes to cannabis tend to vary greatly depending on the particular strain that you are making use of and even the sub-species. When you look at the plant in overall, you will find that it has two of its main sub-species which are mainly used for the medicinal benefits that it is able to offer.

What are the effects of the top strains of indica cannabis?

The top strains of indica cannabis are known to be relaxants and sedatives which are commonly used when it comes to the treatment of medical conditions like chronic pain, tremors, anxiety, and muscle spasms. The most common types include blueberry, White berry, Gold star and sensi star among many others. The reason as to why this particular strain is considered to be highly effective is because of the fact that it tends to have a very high level of cannabinoids compared to the sativa type. Because of the fact that it also tends to give the sleepiness and heaviness feeling, most patients tend to prefer making use of it at night. When taken during the day, it may result in one being able to carry out their daily activities and duties.

Below are the top strains of indica cannabis

  • Urban legend is also known as G-13

This is one of the top strains of indica cannabis that is commonly talked about. This is possibly one of the strains that have been breed by the US government. Having been around since the 1970s, there is a lot of talk surrounding it. The surest thing about it is the fact that it is able to get rid or rather control all the symptoms that may come as a result of nausea, appetite loss, seizures, and many others. This strain is able to give out the focus and creative feeling to its users. It is known for its high creativity and energy boost levels that it is able to give to users.

  • Afghani also known as the stress relieving strain

Afghani is known to be one of the top strains of indica cannabis buy weed online from Shiva greatly known for its ability to relax all the side effects that you may be experiencing.  It is most commonly used by people who are suffering from chronic pain, insomnia as well as stress disorders. If you are looking for something to boost your mood, this would be the best option for you.

  • Northern lights

It is highly ideal to use at night mainly because it is able to help with lack of sleep. It is also popular when it comes to the relief of depression and anxiety.