Best Craft Beer, Craft Breweries & Homebrew Tips

There is no question that your mass produced beer is lacking when it comes to taste and quality. American beer gets a bad rap when it comes to the quality that comes out of the United States, due to the watery and lower quality taste of major companies like Budweiser, Coors and Miller. These beers are brewed with little to no concern with how much the consumer enjoys them. American craft beer on the other hand is a completely different game, as some of the best craft beers in the world can be had right here in America. There are a microbreweries that specialize in producing craft beer with extra care that results in some great brews.

Many people have gotten into home brewing their own & this can be quite rewarding. In fact, most of the craft beer companies were started by a hobbyist who made their own home brews and eventually developed a type of beer that they could market. In a way a lot of these starts as a passion to make the best home brew possible and it turns into a recipe that is replicated and turned into a company. This happens more times than you would think and on top of it there are literally tens of thousands of individuals who enjoy brewing their own beer.

When you make your own home brews, you typically either go to your local home brewing store to pick up the ingredients, or order the things you need online. Thanks to the internet it is very easy to get your hands on any ingredients that you might want to use, as well as the equipment you will need to set up your own station.

At first you are likely to not make some great brews and may waste some money as you get started, but this beer will still be drinkable most of the time. As you continue to produce your own home brews they will get better over time and the general consensus has been that it will end up being just about the same cost as if you had purchased it from your local store. The beauty of making your own craft beers, however, is that you get to enjoy the experience and experiment with different ingredients and processes. Whether you buy it or make your own, craft beers are as American as it gets and are a much better alternative than buying beer water from a major company.