Two22 Brew will open in Centennial with a focus on craft beer and philanthropy

Two22 Brew will open in Centennial with a focus on craft beer and philanthropy

Two22_Paige.jpg Two22 Brew Facebook page Paige Schuster and Marcus Christianson Paige Schuster loves beer, but her heart is in philanthropy, specifically in the family foundation that she and her mother started seven years ago as a way to remember her father, who was killed in a plane crash when Schuster was seventeen. Now, Schuster and her husband, Marcus Christianson, have found a way to tie those two things together — in Two22 Brew , a new brewery slated for Centennial. See also: Blue Spruce Brewery will feature Mexican food and porters when it opens in Centennial Two22_logo.png “We were both formerly teachers and we decided that we wanted to get into something else,” says Schuster, who was raised in Loveland. She thought about becoming the full-time administrator f the Schuster Family Foundation — which provides grants to educational, environmental and “whole-person” nonprofits — but her salary would have taken money away from the recipients. “So we started thinking about other ways we could make money and help support the foundation, and that is where the brewery came in,” she says. “We decided to open a brewery, and that some of the profits should back to the foundation.” Schuster and [...]

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