Owing to the legalization of weed in Canada, the sale and buying of weed has been eased with weed dispensaries cropping up left right and center. These days therefore, one do not have to get weed from black markets which was the norm before, as there are very many places where one can get the weed from. However, even with the increased points of buying weed, it is advisable to buy it from reputable source so as to ensure that you get weed of the highest quality. Needless to say, there has been a debate as to whether buying weed from dispensaries is better than the traditional dealers. This article will therefore delve into the benefits that you get, when you buy weed from dispensaries rather than dealers.

They sell high quality weed

Most of the time, the that you find in Canada are government regulated. This therefore means that the weed that they sell is highly assessed and tested in a government laboratory stating that it is of good quality. In addition, dispensaries in Canada have their set prices which they sell weed and its products. You can therefore never be overcharged when you buy your weed from weed dispensaries. However, that cannot be said when you come to the dealers in the street, as you can never have an assurance of the quality of the weed that you are being sold to. In case therefore you need assurance, go for weed dispensaries.

It is consistent on the timing

Another benefit that comes with buying weed from a dispensary is the consistency that it brings to the table. When buying weed from a dispensary, you clearly know when the dispensary is opened and when it is closed. This therefore enables you to plan your day and when you can visit the dispensary. in addition, dispensaries states clearly what they sell and what they do not, you therefore go to the dispensary having a clear mind that you will get the weed product that you need.  However, that can never be said about the dealers in the streets.

They offer variety of products

Weed dispensaries in Canada are required to employ people who have vast knowledge in weed. This therefore means that, whenever you go to from online sources, you can get professional help of choosing what you need. In addition, a weed dispensary sells a wide range of weed products, as it seeks to address the needs of its clients. You will therefore find dispensaries that sell both recreational and medical weed, thus giving you the freedom to choose the product that you want. However, street dealers can never assure you of having a wide variety of weed products thus limiting what you can buy.