Magic mushrooms are a type of mushrooms found in most parts of the world Shroom Hub. They are commonly taken as food in parts of America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 


Magic mushrooms, also known as‘ shrooms look like ordinary mushrooms. They have long slender stems that are whitish-grey. Their caps are dark brown. When dried, they appear dusty brown. 


Magic mushrooms can be eaten in different forms according to preference. 

  • Can be mixed with food during preparation 
  • Can be brewed as tea. The tea is a clear brown liquid 
  • They can be taken as juice when powdered and mixed with water. 

Chemical Composition 

The main chemical component of magic mushrooms is psilocybinOnce consumed, psilocybin gets converted to psilocin which in turn alters serotonin levels in the brain. 

Side Effects and Mental Effects 

The side effects of magic mushrooms in the body include muscle weakness, nausea and yawning. The mental effect includes hallucination, distorted sense of time and spiritual experiences. 

Benefits to Cancer Patients 

For many decades, people ate magic mushroom to experience a simple ‘ peaceful high.’ This could be attributed to its effects on the serotonin levels in the brain. This, in turn, results to hallucination, a feeling that causes one to see, feel and hear sensations that are not real. 

The effect of magic mushrooms in the body begins 30 minutes after consumption. The effects can last up to seven hours. 

Cancer patients are known to experience mental instability after treatment. This is caused by the pain experienced from the disease and side effects of chemotherapy. 

Studies have shown that cancer survivors using magic mushrooms are mentally stable. This is attributed to hallucinogenic effect and religious view. Natives of America and Europe attach a religious significant to magic mushrooms. According to them, the mushrooms helps one to attain a superior spiritual state. This has gone a long way in help cancer survivors remain stable even after six years. 

In addition to religious view, psilocybin combined with psychotherapy on cancer patients had yielded fruits. 

The patients using the ‘ magic drug’ have shown great reduction in anxiety, relieved depression and signs of new hope. 

Schedule I Drug to Schedule iv Drug 

Before the year 2018, psilocybin was considered a schedule I drug. It could easily be abused owing to its effects in the body. 

With the recent studies, it was categorized as a schedule iv drug. This means that it can now be administered to patients in controlled amounts. 

This is a great milestone to cancer patients and those suffering from depression. With the relieving effect on the mental state of the patient, the pain can be fought and worn. With the tranquility that comes from the spiritual superior state, a new hope is attained.