Cannabis is the most illegal drug being used in the world. Cannabis is derived from the flowers of a dried plant which is greenish and greyish known as cannabis sativa. This drug has been given lots of names which are: Marijuana, weed, bhang, ganja and so many others Once its crushed it can be rolled and smoked as cigarrete, it is also mixed baking products to produce weed cookies and weed cakes which are mostly served in parties, with another way it is consumed is by using vaporizers,and brewing it into beer.

The health risks of weed include:


  • This means the tendency of smoking bhang that is the number of times one smokes weekly. Many may ask whether smoking marijuana is addictive? well, the answer is yes!.
  • Once you start smoking Bud 365 weed it becomes a habit, the moment that you realize how hard it is for you to quit smoking means that you are addicted buy my weed online The other sign that you are addicted to marijuana smoking is losing interests in activities like sports, work, and assignments.
  • Once you notice that, it should be a wakeup call that you need help to help you overcome addiction.


  • Once someone starts smoking


    especially teenagers it affects brain development. The contents of marijuana affect specific brain parts especially the one responsible for memory, learning, reaction and decision making.

  • This means that a teenager who uses marijuana may develop to become a slow learner. A marijuana user may have hallucinations, impaired memory and delusions.


  • The use of marijuana lead to the heart beating faster, according to research the heart beat increases 20 to 50 beats per minute; this is risky since it may lead to a stroke or high blood pressure.
  • Research also says that high rate of getting a heart attack is during the first hour of using the marijuana. This is because when someone smokes marijuana it reduces the ability of the blood to take up oxygen to required body parts.


  • Marijuana contains a component that is found in tobacco when smoked which is  risk since it may lead to bronchitis.
  • According to research, because of the THC?s immune suppressing effects, smoking bhang increases risks to infections especially in the throat and lungs, and pneumonia to persons with HIV.
  • When marijuana is smoked, which is the main form in which marijuana is taken into the body, leads to the deposition of tar in the smoker lungs four times more in comparison to smoking of cigarette.

Lastly, when males smoke marijuana it reduces the sperm count while in females the effect of smoking marijuana is having irregular menstrual cycle.