Cannabis is a drug that is also known as marijuana. This drug is a psychoactive drug that is used for either recreational or medical use. Most of the countries that have legalized the use of marijuana have mostly legalized it as a medical drug. Being one of the countries that have legalized cannabis, Canada was the second country to legalize this drug after Uruguay. The legalization of marijuana was the largest public policy in Canada for the past five decades. The major reason behind its legalization was to fulfill a promise made to the Canadian people by their prime minister during elections. This article will give the details and guidance on how you can open a marijuana dispensary in Canada. 

Procedure for opening a cannabis dispensary in Canada. 

In Canada, the legalization of cannabis was made on 17th October 2018 under the cannabis act, chapter 45. However, some provinces in Canada still do not allow the retail selling of Cannabis. Each province in Canada has a different system of rules governing the retail sale of recreational cannabisMarijuana is an expensive drug, and therefore, it is highly profitable for retailers who sell it in Canada. Due to this reason, many individuals have opted to start marijuana selling dispensaries. To achieve success when you open a cannabis dispensary, you should;

  1. Create a good business plan. 

Before starting a dispensary, you should first make a business plan. This is an essential procedure for any business. A good business plan also speeds up your efforts of attaining a business license, for the authorities are convinced that you are going to follow all the legal guidelines. You can google or consult when you are unaware of the process you are to follow when making the business plan. Sone of the important factors you should consider when making the business plan are; Location of the dispensary, funds, financing, personnel, security and many other factors.  

  1. Secure capital. 

To start a marijuana dispensary, you must have a considerable amount of funds to ensure that all the facilities required to start the business are available. Some of the ways you can use to attain capital are loans from banks, investment groups you may have joined in the years or even making a deal with a capital broker. You have to devise ways through which you can obtain the necessary funds for your business to pick.

  1. Choose the crew you are going to work with. 

This is one of the most crucial steps to be taken when starting any business. It would help if you made sure that the people you choose are enthusiastic about working with you and are excited about the business field. It would be best if you chose security personnel, a manager, an attorney and attendants. You should choose a team that is trained in the area of dealing with cannabis to ensure success.


From the procedures discussed above, it is clear that starting a cannabis dispensary is an involving process and requires that you be aware of the field itself. Research on the field will surely be a great starting point if you are interested in starting a dispensary buying weed online.