It is worth noting from the onset that there has been an increase in the number of states in the united states that are legalizing marijuana. The whole world is following suit with Canada being one of the latest countries to legalize marijuana while others are still critical. Nonetheless, the good thing is that there are some states that are still waiting for the signs of time, to legalize the weed-like New Mexico and New Hampshire among others. Legalizing marijuana comes with very many pros which this article will delve in below. 

Dismantles the Black Market 

Let it not to be lost on you that even with the illegalization of marijuana in the United States, people were still consuming the plant getting it from the black market. Sadly, when people get marijuana for consumption in the black market, the biggest loser is the state or the country as it does not take advantage of the taxes and revenues that it lost. Nonetheless, once you legalize marijuana in a country or state, you are able to dismantle the black market which is very notorious, even going far and wide to fund terrorist organizations. The state can then take up the market and smile all the way to the banks as well as take full charge of the market. 

Improves the Quality of Marijuana 

Owing to the risks of being caught, marijuana drug dealers in states that have not yet legalized weed, marijuana is packed under very unpleasant conditions. This, in turn, ruins the quality of marijuana that citizens of the United States of America consume, thus affecting their health. Nonetheless, once a state legalizes the weed, they take control of the market in which they will be issuing licenses. This, therefore, means that they can be able to control the quality of marijuana that is in the market, thus offering the citizens of the country the chance of getting high-quality marijuana, which in turn leads to a healthy and happy nation. 

Improves the tax revenue basket 

You will be surprised by how much the marijuana market in the United States of America is worth. This is a million-dollar market which the government can exploit, to add on their tax revenue. Nonetheless, this cannot be possible especially in a case where the state has not legalized marijuana. Once you legalize marijuana, you open a new market where you will be charging for licenses and permits, as well as selling marijuana products as a state. This, in turn, goes a long way in improving your tax revenue basket, monies which you could use to develop your state. That is why state’s leadership needs to think through legalizing the marijuana market. 

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