Carefully Crafting Consumption: Understanding the Craft Beer Revolution


Carefully Crafting Consumption: Understanding the Craft Beer Revolution

Drinking alcohol seems to be one of the few things humans everywhere do. Beer in particular has long been a part of human history. Many people enjoy raising a pint with friends. But how do they go about choosing what to drink and where? What senses are drawn on to decipher what flows from that stein of beer? And does it matter if that beer is delivered in glass, aluminum, or some other vessel? Rather than simply guess, I’ll explore potential answers with one of the great beer pairings: Science!

Anthropologist Donald Brown claims that every society with sufficient supplies to produce drinkable ethanol has produced it 1. While not actually being the easiest alcoholic beverage to produce (that distinction goes to wine2), beer is considered to be a staple of many past and present societies3. However, today most people no longer simply have to settle for the only beer being produced in their immediate vicinity, but instead they have a wide range of choices available. Particularly, there has been an explosion in the number of “craft beers.” That begs another simple question: What are the driving forces behind the increased popularity of craft beer?

Craft Beer in the United […]

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